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Siele, servicio de evaluación de la lengua española, examenes oficiales, academia de idiomas en cuenca

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SIELE International Service for Spanish Language Assessment



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Measures to prevent coronavirus in the centre

Our centre complies with all necessary COVID 19 measures

  1. Avoid overcrowding: Each class has a waiting room to avoid overcrowding at the entrance or in the corridors. Respect the common areas and follow the signs on the floor and walls.

  2. Hand hygiene and temperature control: At the entrance to the centre and in each wing of the centre, there is an automatic dispenser to disinfect hands with hydroalcoholic gel before and after class. Teachers will remind their students to do this. The temperature control is also in accordance with the adopted measures. If any student shows symptoms, they will be required to return home where they must take the appropriate measures.

  3. Use of masks: The use of a mask is mandatory; the centre has masks for the students if necessary.

  4. Maintain a safe distance at all times: We have limited the capacity of the centre, this will not exceed 50%. Students who wish can enter their class online. Furthermore, a distance of 1 meter will be maintained between each student.

  5. Bathroom precautions: The bathroom will be disinfected regularly during class. You will be reminded of the importance of proper hand hygiene will be remembered and of entering one at a time.

  6. Deep disinfection: Between class and class, tables and chairs will be disinfected with viricidal products, approved by the Ministry of Health, effective against Covid-19. For this, there are disposable napkins and disinfectant products available in each classroom. Teachers will have to remain behind protective screens at all times. In addition, we have reinforced the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and frequently renew the air, especially in classrooms every 20 minutes.

  7. Avoid sharing equipment: Bring your own scissors, pens, felt pens, etc.

  8. Shared resources: Keyboards and other objects are disinfected every time you change shifts. 

If you display any of the symptoms please don’t come to the centre.


If you have any doubts you can also contact us to clarify any  questions.

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