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Study Abroad Program - La Habana - Cuba

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Study Abroad Program in Cuba

The study trip to Cuba is organized by the TRIVIUM language school and has a duration of 12 days. The aim of this trip is not only to show the country, but also to bring the history, the people and the everyday life closer and get to know.


The accommodation will be in Cuban families so that the students have the opportunity to establish a direct contact with the families and the population and to enjoy the Cuban habits.


Our main location will be La Habana and from there we will visit some places, even those that are not typical for tourists. We will visit cities and beaches such as Viñales, Pinar del Río, Las Terrazas,  Playas del Este and places with countless sights and also unspoiled nature.


History and culture we will experience in the Museum of the Revolution and in lectures as well as in the National Theater or in the live performances in the Bertold Brecht, Karl Marx or on the free nights in La Fábrica del Arte.


To experience the traditions, we will take a dance course and we will see factories, which showing us the production of rum and cigars or the processing of sugar cane.


The main goal is to experience the authentic life in La Habana and to enjoy the places we visit in depth and without having to travel long distances. The students have the opportunity and enough time to get to know the places and people.


The cost of the trip is € 2.000.00. This amount does not include the cost of the flight, the compulsory health insurance or the visa. The first deposit is 3 months before the start of the trip, in the amount of € 1.000. The remaining € 1.000.00 at the latest 30 days before departure.


The price of € 2.000.00 per student includes:

  • Accommodation (in the El Vedado district) in Cuban families with breakfast.

  • A daily meal: lunch or dinner.

  • 2 nights outside La Habana in private houses with breakfast in Viñales.

  • All excursions of the trip. (See program)

  • Some tickets for museums and theater visits.

  • Cuban dance course and lectures on language, history and culture.

  • Return transfer from the airport

  • A companion of Trivium, who is always with the group.

  • A contact telephone, which is available 24 hours.

  • A mobile phone for the teacher / tutor who accompanies the group.


At least 10 students (one tutor/teacher included in the price of the students).


For school classes please ask for prices as the length of the stay and the number of students vary.

For more information about the Study Abroad Program in Spanish, contact the school.

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Aimed at
  • Special stays for schools and university students from around the world, as well as undergraduate teachers and other groups.

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All year round

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • Basic Level (A1-A2)

  • Intermediate Level (B1-B2)

  • Advanced Level (C1-C2)

Teaching faculty with degrees and experience.

Program description: 12 days
Please contact us for a program
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