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Great variety of tapas and restaurants

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"De Tapas" in Cuenca

Cuenca has a long-standing tradition of serving elaborate tapas in its bars and restaurants.  Many bars compete for the honor of having the best tapas.

churros con chocolate.jpg

Churros with chocolate

€ 3,00/ student

For the night owls or the early risers, it is typical to eat churros (fritters) with chocolate in the churro shops with your friends.  
Plaza España

La Venta.jpg

Restaurant La Venta

From € 12,00/ menu

A recently restored restaurant with a modern style.  If you pay €1 extra for dessert, you can try Spanish pancakes with chocolate.
C/ Colón


Mesón de Comidas

From € 11,00 €/ menu

A classic in Cuenca.  Well-prepared, abundant food at a good price can be enjoyed in the dining rooms. Half or full menu.
calle Princesa Zaida 10


Tapas Week 

From € 1,00

Celebrated in San Julián Park in July, here you can try tapas from 25 different restaurants.


Tapas area:

Barrio del Castillo

Diferent prices

An area of the city that has everything, but now has even more restaurants and bars which are especially popular at night. 
Barrio del Castillo

tomates verdes fritos cuenca.jpg

Tomates Verdes Fritos

€ 13,00 Fixed Price menu

With a menu based on healthy, fresh and seasonal ingredients, eating in Tomates Verdes Fritos (Fried Green Tomatoes) is like "eating at home".  Welcoming decor and friendly staff.  They also offer a carryout fixed menu for €10.
c/ Sánchez Vera 13


Tapas area: Cuesta de San Francisco

From € 1,00

Along the hill that is San Francisco Street, you will find more than 20 bars that serve varied, delicious tapas.

San julian.webp

Restaurant Posada de San Julián

From € 10,00/ menu

Offering the best paella to be found in Cuenca and an ideal spot to go with a group.  The building itself and its doorway also deserve to be mentioned.


Tapas area: 

Plaza Princesa Zaida

From € 3,00 

Some 10 bars can be found surrounding this area.
Plaza Princesa Zaida.

La Terraza.jpg

La Terraza

Hotel Alfonso VIII

From  € 15,00

If you want to enjoy a menu with great variety and views of the "Old City" of Cuenca. San Julián Park (go up to the top floor).
Parque de San Julían


Posada de San José

From € 15,00 €

The Posada San Jose can be found in a historic building. On the first floor you will find the restaurant, which serves tapas to be enjoyed along with the view.


La Tasca del Arte

From € 7,00 €

Tasca in Cuenca with Flamenco performances: Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.
Very nice atmosphere.
c/ del Agua

plaza mayor bares.jpg

Area Plaza Mayor

Diferent prices

An area of the city that has everything, but now has even more restaurants and bars whose terraces are popular both at dusk and at night.
Area Plaza Mayor de Cuenca

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